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Lease/Rental Application

Please complete the information in the following application to begin the process. Once submitted, a copy of this form will be sent to the email address you provide below.

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*The undersigned applies for the lease indicated in this application. Everything stated in this application is correct. Prestige Office Solutions,Inc. may retain the application whether or not the lease is approved. Prestige Office Solutions,Inc. and its Authorized Affiliates are authorized to check my credit and employment history for the purposes of determining my credit worthiness at the time of my application or thereafter in connection with the same transaction or extension of credit and for the further purpose of reviewing the account, taking collection activity on the account, and skip tracing. Prestige Office Solutions,Inc. and its Authorized Affiliates are authorized to provide history iinformation to others about my credit standing and your credit experience with me, including but not limited to credit bureaus, other companies, outside collection agencies and outside attorneys.

* By submitting this application I will be completing the signing process and this application will be submitted for credit approval. I agree that this will be an electronic representation of my signature. I further understand that by completing the signing process and submitting this document for credit approval, it will have the same legally binding effect as signing my signature using a pen and paper.